Great Feeling

I decided to document the preparations for my wedding. It is an unbelievable feeling. If I would of been asked several years ago what are my plans for the future I definitely would told you that I want to move to USA and to start a career in tourism. Nothing to fancy. But not because I did not have a boyfriend at that time. It is rather the fact I want to be the only one who decides for myself and my liberty means so much for my spirit.

Now I am engaged to a sweet men and I started planning my 2 weddings. As one is not enough and my wishes are extremely expensive I decided to do a perfect civil ceremony this year then a religious one in a Greek island and then the famous party with all our friends and family.

My only wish is to own a gorgeous wedding dress from one of the hottest designers in Italy. It is like a continuation of my extraordinary dress from my communion when I was 7. It was my mother wedding dress. Silk organza and very romantic. So you can imagine that I want to top that one and to relieve the same feelings as those in that special day.

But now that I know that the wedding dress I put my eyes on cost no less than 7000 euro I have to be realistic and come with new ideas or a miracle is gone happen.


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